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meet-the-teamMessage From Estelle…

Thank you for clicking on the Shrink website, my name is Estelle Wallace and the Shrink Complete Fitness programme was born in May 2013, the results of the plan are just outstanding and many males and females have been changed both inside and out with weight loss that seems impossible.

Shrink plan keeps your hunger at bay.  It is not a meal replacement or shake based plan.  It is a simply a healthy eating plan with nutritious, wholesome natural foods.

Shrink is not a diet it’s a re-education, it’s a lifestyle and when you complete Shrink you will have a greater knowledge of what to eat and why you eat it.


The main benefits of Shrink;


The amazing weight-loss is a bi product of feeding your body what it needs rather than what it wants.

The food on the Shrink plan is natural food, full of protein, low glycemic index carbs, unsaturated fats and veg giving you all you need nutritionally to live healthy and oozing with energy and vigour and you will glow in your new found state of health in abundance.

Local medical professionals are referring their patients to Shrink because of the health benefits which is changing the lives of many who have completed the Shrink plan.  The plan is suitable for all age groups 16 years and above.

The proof certainly isn’t in the pudding it’s in the programme!

Shrink isn’t a gimmick, it’s a lifeline.

The Process

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What’s Included?


Once you complete the online week 1 to 6 you can then move onto weeks 7 to 12, weeks 13 to 18, weeks 19 to 24 and finally Shrink2 all for £45 per 6 week block.  Once these are completed you can then move into Shrink Blast which is £55 for an 8 week block.

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